Uns Campaign

Uns, a community building project directed at refugees and locals living in berlin. There are many organisations that target refugees in hopes to helping them integrate into the community. But upon research, I found that these many of these organisations have a very weak web presence, and as a result, many people do not know these resources exist.

I developed a campaign that targets my audience in three different ways to boost the exposure of the organisations in the best possible way. 

Because many of the refugees live in hostels or shelters, I designed an a2 size pamphlet that can be folded placed in their residential buildings. These pamphlets can also be placed in cafes or restaurants around the city to locals can come in contact with them too.

The second touchpoint will be in the form of direct mail postcards. The cards serve as a invitation to events hosted by 3 organisations of different fields.


And finally, since there is a very big poster culture in Berlin, the pamphlet can also be blown up displayed as a poster in subway stations or on the streets.