Tokyo Zine (2016)

It was an unpopular opinion, but I wasn't that impressed the capitol of Japan on my first visit to the city three years prior. Maybe 'impressed' isn't the right word, but I just didn't like it as much as I had expected to. It could be because I had spent so much of my energy jumping from one end of the city to the other searching for those famous Tokyo landmarks. And from what I learned from my trip to Rome: tourist attractions are never fun.

This time I took on Tokyo with a whole other mindset: plan nothing. I still had my bookmarks from my previous trip saved in my google maps with some new locations added in throughout the years, but that was about it. No schedule, no sights, and guess what? I really learned to love it there.

Digital book


The Tokyo zine was born out of my love for photography and editorial design— and on top of that I decided to try my hand at book binding as well. This was purely a passion project that I poured my energy into between homework sessions and internship applications. I cannot wait to return to Japan someday for volume II.

Laser printed on matt paper
148 x 210 mm
Kettle stitch binding